Founders Thriving is an intentional “space” for entrepreneurs seeking to build a healthier relationship with themselves and their business; one with more purpose, fulfillment, and happiness where self-worth is decoupled from net worth. No longer do the words “thriving founder” have to be a paradox. Not when we choose to “Build Something Better.”

You deserve

to be happy, too!

Our Core Values

1. Our primary purpose is for founders to thrive.

2. Know yourself. 

3. All are welcome.

4. Do no harm.

5. Embrace the journey.

6. Universal truths are spoken in many languages.

7. We only have one life; integrate all its parts.

Founders Thriving 2021 Retreat

An intimate, 5-day mindfulness experience for business owners ready to prioritize their mental health.

  • Remove the blocks to achieving your personal north-star goals.
  • Nightly founder fireside chats.
  • Change your mind with non-ordinary states of consciousness.
  • Interactive workshops with master teachers.
  • Daily yoga, meditation, and breathwork.
  • Time to relax, recharge, and integrate.

Let's Build Something Better

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