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A Different Kind of Coaching

Ask your life coach how to improve your churn rate. [blank stare] Ask your Executive Coach how to meditate [blank stare]. I work with founders, entrepreneurs, and executives every day to help them integrate every aspect of their lives.

Entrepreneurs experience unique challenges an average employee does not; self-doubt, overwhelm, stress, loneliness to name just a few. Then we realize the one thing we thought would set us free has actually begun hold us hostage. And worst of all – after we make our first million – we’re not much happier than we were before we started. 

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Let’s chat!



2022 DEEP Inner Work Cohort Is Open

Am I a good fit?

This type of work requires you to be honest, open, and willing.

Founders, entrepreneurs, and executives who get the most out of the Founders Thriving methodology usually fall into the following categories.

I’m financially free but looking for more.

My business is taking over my identity.

The philosophy?

A mix of coaching and consulting.

The coaching philosophy of Founders Thriving is incredibly simple – though not at all easy.

Contrary to popular culture, education, and expectations, no amount of money, prestige, or power will ever offer sustainable happiness.

So if true and lasting happiness really does come from the inside, THEN WHY NOT START YOUR SEARCH THERE?

To be successful and happy requires two very unique and different skillsets. Success as an entrepreneur requires business saavy. Happiness requires self-worth and self-awarness.

To be successful and happy – at the same time – requires integration. We must abandon the idea of a work-life and a personal-life. We only have one life to live so we must integrate all its parts. 

Work-Life Balance is Broken

How It Works

Engagements are customized to the needs of each clients but here are two primary frameworks.

80/20 Coaching

80/20 Coaching is based on the philosophy that sometimes 80% of our work together will be business-focused and 20% will be personal. In other sessions, 80% of our work will be focused on personal issues and 20% will be business.  Imagine your therapist having 20 years of experience building tech companies. We’ll go wherever the work tells us to go.

Just a few broad topics that could come up:

  • Co-founder, investor, and employee relationships
  • Prioritization and workload
  • Company alignment, strategy & process
  • The work-addiciton / validation relationship
  • Behavior patterns and their underlying causes
  • Accountability, intentions, and goal setting
  • Boundary setting and agreements
  • Mindfulness and consciouness  

DEEP Inner Work

After the incredible breakthroughs experienced during the Founders Thriving Consciousness Expereince, DEEP Inner Work was developed with two intentions in mind. First, a path for participants to continue their journey. And second, an opporutnity for those who haven’t been to an Experience to reap the benefits of the process. 

DEEP Inner Work consists of four major modules:

  • Discover : The first step in doing inner work is taking personal inventory and understanding the value and priority of that stock. 
  • Excavate : We’ve assembled an armory against past resentments, fears, and harms. Excavation is a process of forgivness and dismantling that armour. 
  • Experiment : Experiments are self-designed opportunities to gently push our boundaries, re-train our brains and experience new ways to think and live.
  • Prosper : Through our manifesto, intentions, objectives, and key results, we leave with a systematic approach to creating the life we’ve been searching for.

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