Could you be a Thriving Founder?

Generally speaking, there are three types of people interested in doing the work required to become a
thriving founder. If you find yourself in one of these categories then jump in, the water’s warm.

Founders, Entrepreneurs & Executives

Founders Thriving, at its very core, is a program designed to help business owners find more happiness, purpose, and joy while they’re building their business. These types of business-minded people often carry very similar mindsets and deal with very similar challenges that their employees rarely experience. That said, a die-hard “intrapreneur” may also be a great fit for Founders Thriving.

Seekers, Explorers & Bio Hackers

Some business owners have already discovered the recipe to living an integrated life and are simply looking for a safe and confidential space to explore deeper levels of consciousness. Others may be interested in “hacking” their mind and body to achieve higher states of productivity with less effort, or experience mindful states of self-reflection through meditation and self-knowledge.

Silent Sufferers

Many entrepreneurs suffer in silence with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout. Left chronic and untreated, this lands founders in crisis, divorce, hospitals, rehab centers, or even the cemetery. Having started their business with dreams of freedom,
they’re often trapped by a captor of their own making and in the throes of Startup Stockholm Syndrome. For these founders, Founders Thriving offers a new way to think and an opportunity to experience some contentment while they grow their business.

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