One Life

We only have one life; integrate all its parts. Purpose, fulfillment, and happiness come from the effort of thriving in all areas of our life. Self-worth ≠ Net... read more

Universal truths

Universal truths are spoken in many languages. God, Yahweh, Buddha, Allah, Muhammad, Krishna, Akal Murat, Mother Earth, Universe, or even Deep Thought have profound teachings. Keep an open mind and refer to #3 &... read more

Embrace the journey

Embrace the journey. We often get what we need, not what we want. The path is wiser than the traveler so hold on tightly but let go... read more

Do no harm.

Do no harm. Joy manifests from vulnerability. Vulnerability requires safety. Intentionally harmful actions towards yourself or others are not... read more

All are welcome

All are welcome. #period #fullstop – Any exclusionary language or behavior will not be... read more