A program for entrepreneurs who want to experience joy, peace, & freedom.


September 2022 – Costa Dulce Ecolodge, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Work-Life Balance Is Broken

Being successful and happy – here and now – is a choice.

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Founders Thriving is a conscious community of founders, entrepreneurs, and executives who want to be successful and happy…here and now!

“My experience with Founders Thriving was transformative beyond words. I am not exaggerating when I say that my life has been permanently changed by the work we did together.”

-Johnny Crowder
CEO, Cope Notes

Transformational Experiences

Designed specifically for founders, entrepreneurs & executives


To expand and deepen your conscious awareness of yourself and the world around you.


To integrate your physical, psychological, and spiritual bodies using the deep healing powers of sacred medicine.


To transform your co-founder relationship into a trusted partnership.


To integrate your physical, psychological, and spiritual bodies using the deep healing powers of sacred medicine.

Who It’s For

Thriving Founders come in many forms




How It Works

Our two primary goals.

Decouple the constructs of  net worth and self-worth

Maybe you’ve already got it or maybe you’re working your ass off to get it. In either case, if you’re postponing your happiness for some future date when “you’ll have enough,” then Founders Thriving may be just the thing you need to find some contentment in the present moment.

Develop a healthier relationship with yourself and your business.

Most of us became entrepreneurs to be free. But before we know it, the one thing that was supposed to free us from the shackles or corporate life has trapped us. Even worse, we’ve started to sympathize with our captors. There is a way out. It just requires a new way of thinking and some practice. 

“I know centimillionaires and billionaires who are utterly miserable.”

~ Tim Ferris

Photo: Tim Ferriss. John Keatley/Redux

Why It’s Needed

Why “Crushing It” May Be Killing You

For some, entrepreneurship has become a legitimate mental health condition. Undoubtedly more socially acceptable than street drugs, needing to kill it, crush it, close a whale, or raise a big round are physiologically no different than getting your “fix”. The need for more has never been more persistent and once you’ve had a taste it’s nearly impossible to get the monkey off your back.

Don’t believe me?


Did you know entrepreneurs are…

2x more likely to suffer from depression.

10x more likely to suffer from bi-polar disorder

3x more likely to suffer from substance abuse

2x more likely to have a psychiatric hospitalization

6x more likely to suffer from ADHD symptoms

2x more likely to have suicidal thoughts and ideations

Jump In, The Water’s Warm

A note from Gv

Hi, I’m Gv Freeman. I’m a self-awarness coach, psychedelic counselor, and serial entrepreneur. For the past 25 years, I’ve been living at the center of a marketing, sales, product, and self-care Venn diagram.

In 2007 I was miserable and unhappy so I decided it was time to make some changes. First, I let go of alcohol. Not long after I discovered psychotherapy. Then, in 2012 I officially “stepped onto the path” and became a certified yoga teacher. For the past decade, I found myself living two lives. The first: consulting and coaching successful tech startups and founders how to to grow and scale themselves and their companies. The second: a path of consciousness and self-knowledge; drinking ayahuasca with shamans in the Amazon jungle, sitting for 10 days in silent meditation with Buddhists, studying Vedantic philosophy with an Indian Swami, and countless other experiences that have guided the path I now travel in pursuit of living an integrated life. #worklifebalanceisbullshit

Founders Thriving in the merging and manifestation of that path. An opportunity for deeper self-awareness and the expansion of conscious awareness while at the same time, continuing to grow and succeeed on a professional level. If you’ve felt like there’s something missing (and maybe not even sure what it is) please shoot me a message. The path is wiser than the traveler and you’re perfect and right on time.



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Get the latest content, resources, discounts, and more.

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